Leadership Coaching

What will take your organization to the next level of effectiveness? Strategic Planning? Improved Staff & Board Relations? Organizational Structure? Targeted Marketing & Communications?  An off-site retreat?

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Fundraising & Grant Writing

Grant Proposals.  Letters of Inquiry. Mission Statements.  Policies & Procedures.  News Releases.  Marketing & Website Text.  Grant and fundraising readiness assessments.

​We measure our success by the results you achieve, not the advice we give.

strategic Consulting

C 501 In Action

501(C)onsultingSolutions was founded by nonprofit industry veteran Susan Fiske Koehler.  Koehler is known for her ability to step in and make things happen. As a former executive director and development director, she has stood in your shoes and understands the complexities and joys of nonprofit work.

Is it lonely at the top? Is your Goal to become a better leader?  Do you need help with a work problem? Is your organization in crisis?  Do you need some assistance with trouble shooting?

October 12 & 13—West Virginia Nonprofit Leadership Summit-- How to Survive in Challenging Times/Preparing for Change.  Learn to Engage Your Team for Change at Workshop Led by 501 (C)onsulting Solutions Founder Susan Koehler.  9am-10:30am on 10/13.  Click Here to Register for Conference.

Susan Fiske-Koehler visiting a Ugandan orphanage while on a listening tour prior to developing a successful fundraising campaign in the US to build a children's hospital in Mbarra Province. 

September 19, 2017-1:00pm-3:00pm  Center For Nonprofit Advancement AIM Award Best Practice Webinar:  Organizational Culture—Discover the ways to develop and maintain a strong workplace atmosphere.  Moderated by 501(C)onsultingSolutions Founder Susan Fiske Koehler.  Free. Click Here to Register.